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Exodus… movement of Jah people

When we visited Rototom Sunsplash for the first time in summer 2009, it was placed in Osoppo, Italy. The festival lasted for 10 days + one day of prefestival. It was a nice place for so many years, but Rototom moved from Italy for 2010 edition.

The festival moved from Osoppo, to a city that is more than 1600 km away, Benicàssim (Spain). But that did not stop the people to move with the festival. The one thing that was bad when Rototom moved to Spain was that festival lasted only 7 days instead of 10. And the fact that it was placed almost 1900 km from our home. –but we had to go and the first year we flew there by plane.
When I visited the new ”home” of the festival for the first time, everything seemed much bigger than in Italy. And the one thing that was for sure different – the weather in Benicàssim is much more sunny than in Italy. Even nights are so warm, the opposite of the cold nights in Osoppo, which is surrounded by mountains.

Rototom Sunsplash 2010 (Benicàssim, Spain): I think that moving away from Italy was a big succes for Rototom, it became the biggest european reggae festival. It is always so nice to come to beautiful and warm part of Spain, where everyone can enjoy reggae music. The city of Benicàssim breaths with the festival, you can se Rototom flags and posters everywhere. It really feels like home for a lot of people. Lets hope it will stay like that for ever!

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