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From Slovenia to Benicássim

Winter is coming to Slovenia and we are missing the warm weather of Benicássim. We are remembering the best time of the year… Time for our trip to Spain. Every summer, we make an almost 2000 km trip to Benicássim. If you are asking why, the answer is because of the best festival in the world! When it was still in Italy it was 2 hours away from our home! And now it is 20 hours away, if we drive directly to Spain, without any major stops.

 A lot of people would ask why travel such a long journey with a car, but it is really nice if you have the right company and if you are going to a place where you will enjoy so much J. It is always interesting to travel trough so many countries. Our road trip starts in Slovenia and goes trough Italy, France and finally Spain. We pass a lot of beautiful cities like Venezia, Monaco, Nice, Marseille, Montpellier and Barcelona. The most beautiful thing on the road are always the sunsets and sundowns. It is so beautiful in the coastal France, when you see the sun waking up and all the beautiful colors that are showing in the sky.  

If you think that traveling with plane is better than with car you should consider all the benefits that the road trip can bring you. And in our example, when we are traveling to the biggest reggae festival – we always meet other Rototom people on the road :).  

And I can not even describe the happiness we feel when we finally arrive to Benicássim ❤

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