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Happy Birthday Peter Tosh!

I want to wish a happy earthstrong (birthday) to the Bush Doctor, the Mystic Man, the Stepping Razor, the great great great and legendary Peter Tosh, the man who sang Legalize it, don't criticize it! Today it would be his 70th earthstrong/birthday! Happy Earthstrong Peter Winston Hubert McIntosh, your music will never die!

he was a decent lawfull 
upright honorary citizen 
he deserves respect gotta give him respect 
peter tosh 
he fought for the repressed 
in his music in his words 
he was brutalized 
for what he thougth was right 
for what he thought was true 
he was a true prophet 
in his music 
in his words 
he was a rebel 
with a cause 
a righteous rastaman 
one who did not compromise 
to save the world

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