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Twinkle Brothers Live at JSMF 2014

The Twinkle Brothers Live at JSMF 2014

Video credits (thank you for this amazing video!):

Video: Snir Kazir, Yair Moss, Hanan Bar Assouline, Ido Cohen Sound Recording: Amir Bolzman, Lars Sergel Post Production: Ifat Treigerman Editor: Yair Moss Producer: Yair Moss, Danielle Zini

Twinkle Brothers

The Twinkle Brothers were formed in 1962 by brothers Norman (vocals, drums) and Ralson Grant (vocals, rhythm guitar) from Malmouth, Jamaica. The other band members are Eric Barnard (piano), Karl Hyatt (vocals, percussion) and Albert Green (congas, percussion). The Twinkle Brothers recorded their first album in 1964, they have a very rich discography that features more than 40 albums. 

Twinkle Brothers Tour Dates 2015 - a must see performances for all lovers of true Roots Reggae Music

19th of June 2015: Conegliano, Italy - RaggaPiave Festival

1st August 2015: Geel, Belgium - Reggae Geel

4th September 2015: Winchester, United Kingdom - One Love Festival UK

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