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Culture ft. Kenyatta Hill: Wings of a Dove LIVE

Culture ft. Kenyatta Hill: "Wings of a Dove" @ Jewish Mother Hilltop - 2/19/2014

"You know sometimes... the stress, the problems in babylon and the situation makes you wanna go somewhere where there is no disturbance, only hear the birds, the crickets, just nature, rivers... That's where I wanna be..."
A beautiful performance dedicated to Joseph Hill, by his son Kenyatta Hill and the mighty Culture band.

Oh that I have wings like a dove I would fly... Fly away...

Culture ft. Kenyatta Hill - "Wings of a Dove" Live performance at The Jewish Mother Hilltop @ Virginia Beach, VA - 2/19/2014.
Kenyatta Hill - Vocals; Ras Albert - Vocals; Telford Nelson - Vocals; Peanut - Lead Keyboards; Desi Hyson - Riddim Keyboards; Greg Ward - Guitar; Steve Samuels - Bass; Paapa Nyarkoh - Drums

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