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Soulbeats Records presents RISING TIDE


Release on March 18th 2016 (Soulbeats Records) – First live show in Paris – Le Divan du Monde on April 12th 2016 -

Rising Tide was born out of a group of musicians who have been performing together for many years. They are members of the internationally-renowned group Groundation and have found a new avenue to express themselves. We can hear their love of jazz, reggae, a mix of other styles, dub, innovation, improvisation, and creation. These are many of the ingredients you will find in this unique project. All those who took part are outstanding musicians, eager for explorations and discoveries. These musicians, thanks to their profession, have gone around the world tasting a great diversity of cultures and traditions. Their rich and varied musical influences are reflected and gave birth to Rising Tide: a bridge between Jamaica and the United States, between old school and new school sonorities, a sound that reflects humanity today yet is connected to the past.

The band is composed of Marcus Urani (keys/ producer), Ryan Newman (Bass), Paul Spina (drums), Kim Pommell (Vocals), Sherida Sharpe ( Vocals), Kerry Ann Morgan (Vocals), Jason Robinson (Saxophone and flute), and Yotam Silberstein (New York’s premier guitarist). A combo that promises great stage performances, fabulously fed improvisations, with charismatic voices. On their debut album, set to be released in March 2016 with Soulbeats Records, they invited many friends and musicians from around the world. The guest singers include Jacob Hemphill (SOJA, USA), Naaman (France), Paul “Lymie” Wright (Jamaica), and Roselyn Williams(background vocalist for Damian Marley, Jamaica).

Rising Tide is a hymn to nature and our mother earth. One that witnessed our birth and that we must protect. One we have damaged, but still have time to heal. The message is clear. Today and for years to come we must realize how we are all linked to the land, the roots, the trees and the animals. The song “Positive Vibes” expresses this particularly well, on a positive tone, accompanied by funky melodies that give us hope. In a much more serious spirit “Time Bomb” denounces the evil that the machines of progress have come to generate and stresses the importance of not forgetting our humanity.

These serious messages are carried by new melodies: Rules are broken, our hearts are opened up to freedom of expression, pure creation, and most of all discovery. With Rising Tide, no doubt more than one will be surprised when discovering this unique blend of sounds and arrangements. This is what all seek through this project. To challenge, to provoke curiosity in others and to bring a new sound that is unclassifiable.

In hopes that the power of music can be as illuminating as the stars. Universal, unbiased, strong enough to look ahead, to enable men and women of today and those of tomorrow.

New Videoclip "Seven Time Rise":

New animated video cover "Is It Right"

Many thanks to www.soulbeats.fr and www.musicaction.fr

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