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New Album by Ziggy Marley (2016)

Contemporary reggae’s most trusted voice mixes it up on his self-titled album. Unity has always been the Marley scion’s message, but Ziggy packages it with a restless curiosity here. Tracks like “Start It Up” and “Marijuanamen” keep things breezy and traditional, but he brings snappy dance rock—with scratchy guitars on the upbeats—to “Love Is a Rebel” and a rustic soulfulness to “Better Together”. “Ceceil” borrows as much from ska as it does country-blues and New Wave. It’s a party-starter, for sure, and every style is invited.

1. Start It Up 
2. Better Together 
3. Amen 
4. Love Is a Rebel 
5. Weekend's Long 
6. Heaven Can't Take It (feat. Stephen Marley) 
7. Ceceil 
8. I'm Not Made Of Stone 
9. Marijuanamen 
10.We are More 
11. Butterflies 
12. We Are The People

Available on iTunes from 20th May 2016.

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