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Juju Royal

In 2014 Kingsley Brands, a company which owns the exclusive use of Julian R. Marley’s name and image, entered into an agreement with Dropleaf LLC for all products containing or related to Cannabis. From this agreement came the JUJU ROYAL BRAND!

JUJU ROYAL is a brand created for and inspired by Julian R. Marley, Reggae Musician and son of the World Renowned Bob Marley.

Julian R. Marley is an authentic representation of the JUJU ROYAL brand and the Cannabis industry as a whole. As a popular reggae artist and proponent of the Rastafarian culture, it is natural for him to incorporate his views and ideas of the Cannabis industry into his music, which helps the JUJU ROYAL brand create the “bridge” between culture and Cannabis.

The JUJU ROYAL Brand is currently licensing producers, processors, retail and dispensaries in states and countries where Cannabis is recreationally or medically legal.

"Dropleaf team and I support a legally controlled market for Marijuana where consumers and patients can purchase Cannabis for medicinal and personal use from a safe and legal source.”  - Julian R. Marley

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