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Overjam 2016: 15-20 August

Overjam International Reggae Festival will be held in Slovenia, in Triglav's National Park and beside the most beautiful river in Europe, Soča. The Festival will last from 15 - 20 August 2016, but it will also include a pre-party night on the evening of August 15th. The campsite opens on August 15 at 1:00 PM. You can buy the ticket at the festival or you can also buy it for cheaper price at pre-sale.
If you are a lover of reggae music and beautiful nature you really should not miss this festival that is located in the beautiful National Park in Slovenia.

Overjam International Reggae Festival, Slovenia: 15- 20 August 2016

Festival's Map:


Other Information:

Overjam Festival will organize a pre-party night on the evening of August 15th. It will also be possible to buy tickets or exchange them for wristbands on the 15th of August. The camping will open on August the 15th at 1 pm. Already since the 15th, you will need a ticket in order to get the access to the camping area.


Festival area will be open 24/7. The security will check anybody entering the Festival area. Due to international laws no alcohol will be allowed to enter the Festival area. Check-in and check-out into the festival area every 26 hours: check-in at 12h and check-out at 14h the next day.


Entrance box will be open from 10 am until 1 am. From 1 in the night until 10 in the morning it won’t be possible to buy tickets. On preparty day entrance box will be open from 1 pm until 1 am.
Children under 12 years old are free of charge. Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by parents, legal custody etc. Disabled people can bring their escorting person to the Festival area for free. Please note that an official medical certificate will be demanded upon your arrival!


  • Full festival ticket:
    • 79,00 EUR until 20.06.16
    • 89,00 EUR until 10.08.16
    • 105,00 EUR at the festival.
    1 day:
    • pre-sale: 25,00 EUR
    • at the festival: 30,00 EUR
    Residents of Tolmin region are offered a discounted price of 30€ for the entire festival. They can purchase the ticket directly at the entrance box with valid ID.
Parking will be available at the entrance / near the cashier
  • daily parking: 5€
  • all days festival parking: 10€
If the visitors stay at the festival for more than a day, the price for parking ticket remains 10€.


Price for campers is 50€. Visitors must park their campers in the area fitted for campers. If visitors wish to temporarily leave the area with the camper, they will have to purchase a new parking ticket for campers (50€) at the return.


Facilities – toilets and showers for the disabled will be available. Disabled people can bring their escorting person to the Festival area for free. Please note that an official medical certificate will be demanded upon your arrival!


Overjam festival is located in Triglav’s National Park and due to its environmental law’s protection and conservation of pristine nature is it’s first task. Therefore no open fire is allowed in the area: open fire includes any kind of barbecue, fireworks, candles etc. Protect the nature!


Dogs are allowed although are not recommended. If you are not able to leave your dog at home, the dog must have an owners phone number around its neck and must be on the leash. Dogs and other animals are not permitted to enter the Festival area!


The nearest town is “Tolmin” which offers big supermarkets (Mercator, Eurospin and Hofer), bars, restaurants, tourist info office, ATM and a 6 a.m.-21 p.m. gas station. The nearest bigger town is NOVA GORICA (39 km) in Slovenia and Gorizia (41 km) in Italy. Nevertheless, food and drinks at good prices will be available inside the Festival area around the clock!


Entrance box:
  • 14.8.2016: 1pm-1am
  • 15.8.-20.8.2016: 10am-1am
  • 15.8.2016: 1pm-10pm
  • 16.8.-20.8.2016: 10am-10pm
Cash depostit:
  • 20.8.2016: whole day
  • 21.8.2016: until 3pm

How to reach the festival?

Nearby airports and their distance to Tolmin (SLO), nearest city by the festival: - Klagenfurt (A) - 131 km - Trieste (ITA) - 88 km - Venice (ITA) - 179 km - Ljubljana (SLO) - 99 km - Rijeka (HR) - 165 km The Slovenian Railways offer a 50% discount for the visitors who would like to attend the Overjam International Reggae Festival by train! If you purchase a festival ticket you will be granted a 50% discount on 2 train tickets for the route you like. The nearest railway station is Most na Soči. From there you will be able to come to the festival entrance via shuttle service. If you are coming from Italy there will be a shuttle service from the nearest Italian train station GORIZIA (Stazione Centrale) to the Festival for only 10€.

Do not miss the only Slovenian reggae festival, the Overjam International Reggae Festival in Tolmin, Slovenia!

Find Out More At:

Overjam International Reggae Festival Official Website: http://www.overjamfestival.com/shop/

Overjam International Reggae Festival FB Site: https://www.facebook.com/OverjamInternationalReggaeFestival

Overjam International Reggae Festival YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/overjamreggae

TICKETS for Overjam International Reggae Festival: http://www.eventim.si/si/vstopnice/overjam-international-reggae-festival-tolmin-sotocje-389042/event.html

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