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Overjam 2017: Few Early Bird Tickets Still Available

The early bird offer is going to finish very soon, with just few tickets left in the store for 69€. When the Early bird tickets will be sold out, the tickets will start to sell at regular price, 89€ + commissions, so don't miss the chance to have the full festival access for so much discounted price - make sure you get your ticket in time!

Overjam Festival has already announced its first artists, that will be performing at Overjam festival from 16 - 19 August 2017:
  • Alborosie & Shengen Clan
  • Freddie, Chino, Stephen McGregor & Big Ship Band 
  • General Levy
  • Iration Steppas
  • Panda Dub
  • Pow Pow Movement
  • Chopstick Duplate
  • Soul Stereo
  • Krak in Dub
  • Fogata Sounds
  • Jamie Rodigan
  • Jamaram

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