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Groundation: Each One Dub One (2018)

GROUNDATION is back in your ears with a Deluxe edition of their second album EACH ONE TEACH ONE (released in 2001) remixed and remastered, and a new Dub album EACH ONE DUB ONE.

The opus’ title comes from a famous phrase reflecting sharing and the necessary knowledge transfer between generations and rastas. So that’s why we wanted to have this opus back in the shops with this sumptuous jazz lines and Jamaican groovy.

Dub versions had been recorded by Californian producer King Robby and gives a new dimension to this album which became mystical. It will please Dub and Groundation’s fans who will can discover the band and old arrangements with a different aesthetic. The digital mix of Each One Teach One reveals with clarity and strength the amazing musicians’ talent. New technologies permitted the album to sound like it never had! More powerful bass and sound, all you need to enjoy again and again this historical jewel of the most emblematic Californian reggae band from this last years.

 Of course, big Jamaican featuring are on it with the participation of Ras Michael legendary Nyabinghi percussionist, and Marcia Higgs, daughter of the reggae elder Joe Higgs, on the vocals harmony. All mixed by the famous and Groundation’s eternal sound partner Jim Fox.

Well, a release to plunge you in good memories, to get you through Groundation’s new album which will release in September 2018 and Groundation’s new formation on tour on the big European festivals this summer!

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