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Jah9 - Heaven (Ready Fi Di Feeling) | Official Music Video

Check out the new Jah9's official music video for the song Heaven (Ready Fi Di Feeling).

"Heaven is your highest joy," said Jah9 on her new single. "To the yogi, the highest joy is transcending the flesh and being one with God, really and truly I believe everyone wants that, but everyone doesn't call it that." 

Jah9 April 2019 US Tour Dates

Apr 11 | Wild Hare | Chicago, IL
Apr 12 | Africa House Lounge And Café | Louisville, KY
Apr 13 | Ludlow’s Garage | Cincinnati, OH
Apr 14 | The Fellowship | Louis, MO
Apr 16 | YOGA ON DUB | God Body Fitness and Nutrition Memphis, TN
Apr 17 | The Hi Tone | Memphis, TN
Apr 20 | Austin Reggae Festival | Austin, TX

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