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Rototom Sunsplash: Behind the Music

SOCIAL FORUM - Space for debating and exchanging ideas

The most plural and international space debating and exchanging ideas. A place to reflect upon the main problems of the society today together with prestigious experts.
We know that wars nowadays represent the convergence of complex interests that are located far from the geographic location of the conflicts. The arms industry, the control of fossil fuels, pharmaceutical interests, or financially powerful groups exert a great amount of economic and political pressures, so much so that they can pull the strings of peace and war according their geostrategic interests. Many questions come to mind, that are related to hidden military expenditure, in both the Ukraine and Syria, and to Islamophobia, with the wars declared behind closed doors with agreements like TTIP, CETA or TISA and regarding our capacity to respond to it all. Here at the Rototom Sunsplash we have always been committed to confronting these kinds of conflicts with a perspective based on dignity, unity and human rights. Our collective efforts can help to revert these situations and thereby insure the right to happiness that we all have. Peace is our only social response. See you at the Social Forum!

REGGAE UNIVERSITY - Gathering academics, artists, producers, authors and general audience

Since 2007, the Reggae University is one of the main pillars of the Rototom Sunsplash cultural program. Well- known reggae journalists, writers, academics as well as practitioners and performing artists get together in a series of meetings to reason about, to discuss and to analyze important aspects and moments of reggae music and culture.

AFRICAN VILLAGE - African roots and culture in the heart of the festival

The goal is to try and show everyone the African ways of understanding life and addressing problems, within which still reside basic human values sometimes forgotten in the first world such as friendship, tolerance, solidarity, imagination and respect towards mother Earth.
All this through workshops, lectures, fashion shows, music and dance performances and live DJ sessions, together with a representation of African NGO’s, food and other traditional and cultural expressions.

LIVING ENERGY - Get back to Mother Earth, become truly self-aware

Where we can feed our inner energy and broaden our understanding of ecology, and thereby unite our spiritual side with the pachamama, creating an area dedicated to health with a holistic vision.
Living Energy features an extensive program, divided between the morning in the new area in the campsite and in the afternoons and evenings in the concert area with lectures, workshops, personal disciplines, therapies, music and organic food.

NON-PROFIT - The essence of Rototom: volunteering, cooperation, social commitment, solidarity

Each of them in its own scope and with its own aims, but all united by a generous and selfless spirit. NGO’s and associations involved in the care of the environment; in the fight against racism and intolerance; in projects of integration and coexistence between people and cultures; in the denouncing of the violation of human rights; in the human sustainable development in large or small areas; in eradicating hunger; in the regulation of the use of hemp; or in the design of a truly critical and democratic society. To all of them, the festival gives the opportunity to spread their projects and information materials, to make themselves known, to create moments of encounter and reflexion and to self-finance themselves trough the sale of their products in the stands.

MAGICOMUNDO - A magical world for children: games, story-telling, shows and workshops

To create, play, dream and share in family, with the help of magnificent companions, who facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences so that each person feels a part of their stories, their creations, the learning experience, and their own lives, these are but some of the principles inspired by the festival’s most magical world.

ROTOTOMCIRCUS - All the magic of the circus for big and small, with clowns, magicians and acrobats

To promote the strength and purity of street performance with nothing more than the magical connection that emerges almost instantly between the audience and the artist, is the reason for the Rototom Circus.
The goal is to offer a variety of workshops, laboratories and shows from different disciplines in order to spread, promote and share the values of the circus as a universal language and driving force to facilitate social advancement.

ART SYMPOSIUM - A place for enjoying live artistic creation during the festival

A place for enjoying live artistic creation during the festival.
Giving voice and visibility to all the selected proposals, where art is a means of expression and the artists are conduits of ideas and emotions.
We have opened the new inscription period for the Art Symposium 2015. This year the Festival is dedicated to PEACE. It is therefore this theme that we will use this year so keep it in mind when you send us your drafts. The artist from Valencia Iris Serrano will coordinate the Symposium.

ARTESANO MARKET - Ancestral arts and crafts and workshops for all ages

An atypical market, where the public can experience and live craft. Festival-goers will enjoy the chance to feel and live trades with all their senses as each artisan workshop will include a demonstration to show and explain their work.
You will also find daily participatory workshops, dedicated to both adults and children, related to the exposed crafts activities: stone carving, woodworking, distilling plants, manufacture of items with recycled cardboard, natural cosmetics, soap making and building toys or musical instruments.
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