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Eco Sun Ska


Since 2005 Reggae Sun Ska develops a powerful eco responsibility and social process becoming one of the festival’s precursor. Historically the festival was voluntary based in particular and specific territory. Médoc is full of worldwide famous vineyards and protected areas with unique animals and vegetables. Arriving in a urban zone the event is maintaining and developing is eco actions named Eco Sun Ska. Any post in the organization is studied in order to reduce festival’s impact on the environment and to promote an eco citizen comportment with our audience.


- dimensioning and control of the process - rapidity and quality of the place after the festival - increase of recycling - quality, security and conditions improvement - end the integral cleaning of the place after 4 days


- sensibilisation work with distribution of 20 000 refuse bags : green for glass, yellow for recyclable products and red for the rest. - collect points in all the festival’s site - maintain of this collect points is made by the Eco Sun Ska’s team and Connexions associations who are emptying


- 40 tons of wastes collected, 1kg / day / visitor - 52% of the total of the wastes had been sorted in 5 categories : glass; sorted wastes (cops / plastic bottles / canned); carton; compost; green wastes. - place’s cleaning in 3 days - A dedicated team to the Eco Sun Ska, the most important of the festival : 7 employees, 95 volunteers, a special partnership with the Connexion association - 20 000 eco packs green / yellow and red had been distributed to visitors.

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